Craymo Stretches His Arms Out To Us All With New Pop Reggae Release, ‘One Love One World (We Are One)’

While Craymo’s ‘One Love One World (We Are One)’ has a very contemporary message, it was actually written back in 1993, when the artist was going through some very challenging times.

‘The Music Of The Stars’ Is Peter Dulborough’s Melodic Masterpiece, A Musical Journey Inspired By ‘The Little Prince’

Released on May 31, ‘The Music Of The Stars’ is Peter Dulborough’s incredible masterpiece based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Prince’.

‘Get High’ With Freemynz And Their Electrifying Latest Single 

Dropped on April 19, ‘Get High’ is the dynamic single from reggae duo, Freemynz.

Up And Coming Reggae Star Reuben Jay Says ‘Now Is The Time’ To Release His Hotly Anticipated Debut EP

Released on April 4, ‘Now Is The Time’ is the debut EP from emerging reggae star, Reuben Jay. ‘Now Is The Time’ is available to stream and download now.

Rocky Dawuni Is Searching For A ‘Shade Tree’ With Latest Release

Now, ahead of his next album, set for release later this year, Rocky Dawuni has dropped his new single, ‘Shade Tree’. The track, while broadly categorised as Reggae in style, is actually a layering of different elements of music, including Soul, Roots, Highlife and even the hip-hop beats of Dawuni’s second home, Los Angeles – as well as Reggae.

Estani Tells Us About Her Inspirations, Her Music, And Answers The Question She’d Most Like To Be Asked

Over the past two years we’ve introduced our readers to Estani, with her thought provoking music, which crosses genre boundaries. She’s made us think too, so we’re very grateful that she’s taken time out to answer a few questions for us.

Decarta Releases Latest Single, ‘Having A Party Tonight’

Decarta is the project of Birmingham-based reggae artist, Paddy Dowling. Formerly a band, it’s now Paddy’s solo project, and is heavily influenced by UB40 and Bob Marley. Decarta’s latest single, ‘Having A Party Tonight’, was released to celebrate the end of lockdown.

Rabill Armani Drops Latest Single ‘My People (MoodSwing Riddim)’

Rabill Armani blends a range of musical genres, including Afrobeats, Reggae, and dancehall, and creates a treat for the ears. Latest single, ‘My People (Mood Swing Riddim)’ follows on from his 2019 release, ‘Soma Me’, which received critical acclaim.

Leon Grey Brings All The Dreamy Reggae Vibes In Single ‘Ticket For Your Love’

Bringing all the dreamy vibes of old skool Reggae with some romantic R&B, Leon Grey has broken out of the modeling world in a bid to make it in the music industry and so far he is making it look like a walk in the park. With an Instagram following well into its hundreds of thousands and pieces in prestigious press publications including GQ and Glamour, this soulful singer is now debuting his tranquil new tune ‘Ticket For Your Love’ this Valentine’s Day.

Matthew Schultz And Gyptian Have Slayed ‘Turn Me Up’

Originally starting his music career as guitarist in Chris Daughtrey’s first band, Matthew Schultz has gone on to have global success as a producer and performer.

Triple Island – ‘FÊTE’

Vocalists Neysa, Cuppa, and Yola each represent a different island, and collectively they carry the sound of the tropics with them.

Carrie Underwood Rocked In Rhinestones At Wembley On 4th Of July

Carrie Underwood, is, simply put,a small, very pretty, blonde lady, with lungs for days.