Leon Grey Brings All The Dreamy Reggae Vibes In Single ‘Ticket For Your Love’

Bringing all the dreamy vibes of old skool Reggae with some romantic R&B, Leon Grey has broken out of the modeling world in a bid to make it in the music industry and so far he is making it look like a walk in the park. With an Instagram following well into its hundreds of thousands and pieces in prestigious press publications including GQ and Glamour, this soulful singer is now debuting his tranquil new tune ‘Ticket For Your Love’ this Valentine’s Day.

Rocky Dawuni – ‘Beats of Zion’ and ‘Wickedest Sound’

In 2015 Rocky Dawuni became the first Ghanaian to be nominated for a GRAMMY Award, for his electrifying sixth album, ‘Branches Of The Same Tree’, in the Best Reggae Album category. Dawuni isn’t strictly a Reggae artist; he encorporates the style into his music, but it’s part of an amalgam of styles, including Afrobeat, Highlife, traditional Ghanaian folk, dancehall, jazz, North American soul, RnB, and electropop. He calls his sound Afro Roots: there’s nothing else quite like it.