Birdman Culture – ‘Rolling Thunder’

bird2After a particularly dramatic launch into ‘Rolling Thunder’ and just when you are expecting an explosion to happen it very quickly takes on an entirely different pace and direction.

The dissonant vocal and melancholy sound are reminiscent of the “Brit pop” era and whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, I am sure there is still an audience for it out there and if there is Birdman Culture will find them. If The Verve and Richard Ashcroft are your kind of thing then this track will fit into your playlist comfortably.

The four piece London based band got together in 2013 and whilst they describe themselves as alternative rock veering toward grunge and garage that vibe is not immediately apparent in this track.

There is a calming guitar melody running throughout bringing a sense of tranquility yet in direct contrast there is a tumultuous undertone to the lyrics. An occasional outburst of drums and guitar give a wave like sensation which could also be interpreted as mood swings fitting in with the generalised theme surrounding the whole song. It will be interesting to see if future work from the band will continue along the yin and yang line.

Find Birdman Culture on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud. You can buy ‘Rolling Thunder’ as a digital download from Amazon.

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  1. This track is awesome! Love the switch in pace…..nice to hear something different for a change to the usual churned out crap on the radio!

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