Punk Band heavy wild Release New Single ‘Death Dreams’

Today, the newcomer punk band heavy wild, headed by frontman Wolfgang Harte, released their latest single, ‘Death Dreams’. The band have been around since last year, debuting with their single ‘Special Powers’, and have gained a small but loyal following due to their unique style of music that they seek to demonstrate to the world in the coming years, with a wide variety of new ventures to be announced.

heavy wild was founded in 2022 and, as previously stated, debuted with their single ‘Special Powers’. After their first single was received well, they followed it up with two more, which formed a trio of singles the band are most well known for to this day. Their performing style and brilliant music has drawn hundreds of fans to venues they’ve performed at in the past, including a supporting tour with Wolfgang Harte’s former band, Swim Deep, in Ireland earlier this year. Now, Wolfgang and the band seek to show the British Isles their genre-less style with not only their new single, ‘Death Dreams’, but grander plans for the band as a whole.

The song itself is a departure from heavy wild’s usual style that they demonstrated on their previous singles, composed with a relatively higher tempo and being much shorter in length. Harte’s vocal delivery is passionate and near immaculate, helping to deliver the somber lyrics that accompany the instrumentation brilliantly. Said instrumentation draws upon multiple genres for inspiration, with a screaming bass line, synths and guitars helping to create a pleasant fusion mix which is worth listening to for anyone – whether established fans of the genre or newcomers getting a taste for the music.

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