Yachtclub101 – ‘Leave Me Alone’

Scott Ayers was once upon a time in an up and coming indie band called The Lovemakers. Since that time he’s been running a bar, The RIC, which was mighty successful…until Covid-19 happened and then, well, Scott decided he had to do something else. He sold the bar, and got into music, and will release three albums: the first will be released on November 13 this year, with albums 2 and three released exactly a year and two years later respectively. First track from LP1 is ‘Leave Me Alone’, accompanied by a music video, the latter of which should be avoided if you’re allergic to – or just don’t like – cats.

Little Cities Release Eponymous EP – Reviewed By Josh Taerk

I am a huge fan of Pop Punk music. Some of my fondest memories take place in a now-closed club in Toronto waiting to watch bands like New Found Glory, Motion City Soundtrack, Plain White T’s, and Fall Out Boy do their thing. So, when I heard the opening seconds of Little Cities self-titled EP, it felt like coming back home. Then I found out that this 5-piece alt-pop rock outfit is also from Canada and knew I was already home.

Josh Ramsay Speaks To EP About Marianas Trench, New Album ‘Phantoms’, And Touring

Canadian band Marianas Trench have been around for the best part of twenty years, forming in 2001, releasing five albums since then, and touring extensively, most often around Canada and the USA, but also in Australia, the UK and Europe. At London’s KOKO venue, during their UK tour in May 2017, lead singer Josh Ramsay said how he was humbled at how many people were at the show, especially considering they had never released an album in the UK. The venue was packed solid, made up of fans, the curious, and media. All left impressed and wanting more. This year, Marianas Trench *have* released an album in the UK, the magnificent ‘Phantoms’, written around the theme of being haunted by the memory of people in our past. Lisa had the chance to speak to Josh Ramsay, and asked him about the album, the songwriting process, and just when they were hoping to get back to the UK.