‘Attending A Festival In 2021: 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Go

Finally, the restrictions imposed by the Pandemic are starting to lift and life is getting back to something that at least resembles normal. Of course, for so many of us, this means getting back (albeit slowly and cautiously) to seeing live events and even attending overnight festivals. Although, there are some important things you need to know and consider beforehand. Read on to find out more. 

That there will be fewer people than usual 

First of all because of the social distancing rules, if you do get to go to a festival this summer, there will be fewer people than usual. This is because safe distances need to be kept between people while queuing, camping, and watching the acts on stage. This may mean that the atmosphere is a bit different from what you expect. Although you can be sure that both the patrons and acts will be so glad to have the opportunity to be there they’ll do their best to make sure the vibe is as good as possible. 

Glitter is good 

No matter what your gender identity, glitter is on the cards for almost every festival-goer this season. Rock a subtle glitter eye, or go the whole hog with face jewels and body glitter. You may even want to include glitter in your outfit or add some to your hair, just be sure to get into the spirit of things, by embracing the glitter is a good mantra! 

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Hygiene products are essential

Keeping clean at a festival can be tricky at the best of times. However, when there is a responsibility at every festival to be as hygienic as possible to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, things can be a little challenging. 

With that in mind, in addition to the typical festival-goers fare like dry shampoo, and baby wipes, you’ll want to stock up on hand sanitizer, soap, and facemasks too. Some antibacterial wipes are also a smart idea and are sure to take your own cutlery and crockery for eating and drinking, and ensure that it is washed regularly and it’s only you that uses it. 

Be a practical planner 

There is so much fun to be had at a festival, but there are definitely some things that can get in the way of this if you don’t plan for them. In particular, you must load up on SPF because there is nothing that will ruin your good vibes quicker than a blistering sunburn. 

Having your period when there is limited access to toilets and washing facilities can also be a real pain. That is why you may like to consider getting period delay medication before you leave. The good news is that you don’t even have to visit your doctors for that anymore. Instead, you can use services that provide online doctor assessments in the form of a questionnaire. Many even offer express delivery so you can be sure your meds will arrive before you leave home to get your festival on! 

Finally, when it comes to having fun at a festival it’s essential that you sat well hydrated. After all, hanging out with the medics in their tent is cool, but not really why you went in the first place, now is it. With that in mind, plenty of water breaks are vital, and if you are drinking alcohol be sure that you alternate between booze and water. In fact, by doing this you’ll feel a lot better in the morning too which will allow you to enjoy the next day more as well. 

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Stay fully charged 

Portable power banks for your phone are a must if you are attending a festival this summer. Indeed, many festivals have vital updates and information such as maps online, and if you can’t access these you could be missing out on crucial info. 

Additionally, there is no way that you can get that all-important shot of your mate doing a silly thing to put on Instagram if your phone runs out of juice. 

Of course, if you’d rather not risk your smartphone worth hundreds in the middle of a muddy field there is another option. It is to get a cheap burner phone for the weekend ( make sure to load your mates and emergency contents into it, and that your mates have your new number). Then invest in some old-school disposable cameras – just imagine the fun you will have after the festival is done when you get to see your picture for the very first time?! 

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