We Speak With Godfrey Diamond About His New Project, biGDream, His New Single, ‘Everybody’s High’, And How He’s Navigating His New Role As Artist Rather Than Producer

Godfrey Diamond has been in the music business for a very long time, but most of that has been on the producer and engineer side of the desk. Now he’s taken steps to the other side, with his new project, biGDream, and if you’ve read our review of his first single and video, ‘Everybody’s High’, you’ll know he’s jumped in with both feet. We are honoured to have been able to ask Godfrey a few questions, and we really hope you enjoy his answers as much as we do.

The Sound Of Monday Fights Back Against Those Who Don’t Look Out For Others With New Rock Song, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!

Everyone’s been there. You get on the train and someone squashes right into your face when they could just as easily have moved a little. Or you’re walking along the footpath and a car drives right through a puddle and completely soaks you. Dave Jay Gerstein of The Sound Of Monday knows it all too well, and the New York power pop group tells it like it is in their new single, ‘Hey, Inconsiderate!’.

US band The Refusers Have Got Something To Say And They’re Keen To Challenge The Mainstream Media With New Single, ‘Eat The Bugs’

Last week, The Refusers dropped their latest song called ‘Eat The Bugs’, a punk infused song that parodies the ideologies recently put forward by the World Economic Forum revolving around the consumption of bugs to further the food chain. This is a well-trodden path for the Seattle based rock band who are not shy about taking shots at the establishment with their slick but crunchy style.