Premiere: Terri Bannister Finds Profound Inspiration In The Transformative Power Of Music With ‘Visitation’

In her new single, ‘Visitation’, which we are proud to premiere today, Terri Bannister combines relatable life experiences with Biblical narratives, using her talent for storytelling to lead to spiritual connection. Terri finds peace in her faith in times of uncertainty, and her music reflects this, conveying a message of believing in the power of faith to sustain and uplift the soul.

Terri has felt a pull towards music since her very earliest days, composing melodies and writing lyrics, and her journey was sparked when she watched her sister’s music classes. The birth of her children further ignited her passion, and motivated to use her well-crafted songs to turn sorrow into joy, touching lives in meaningful ways.

The music video for ‘Visitation’ further encapsulates the themes of the song, reflecting Terri’s unwavering faith, and belief in the possibility of divine intervention. Opening on Bannister, seated, and dressed all in white, she embodies the ideas of purity and transcendence, while expressing the all seeing, all knowing, all powerfulness of God: there is no problem we can’t get through, if we only call on him for his help.

The clip serves as a call to action, as well as a healing balm for those deep emotional wounds which may take years to fully heal. We see touching moments from people such as Terri’s God daughter, sharing their testimonies as an expression of their faith. A girl wakes up not knowing where she is, after a rough night with drink and pills; a man is down on his luck; a couple with a young baby have a falling out: all are at their lowest ebb in life, and feel hopeless and lost. All the while, Terri sings about what they’re going through, and they all cry out to God to pull them out of the situation. The man finds his way into a sidewalk church where a pastor takes him through the prayer of repentance. The girl throws off the things that were holding her back and calls her mother and returns home to her loving arms. While we don’t see the resolution of the issues between the couple, we can hope they too turn their lives around with God’s help.

Watch the moving music video for ‘Visitation’ below, and find out more about Terri Bannister and her music online on her official website, and Facebook.

Terri Bannister - Visitation (Your Spirit) Official Music Video

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