Bruce Sudano Speaks To Us About His Music And New Single, ‘Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies’

We recently caught up with the legendary Bruce Sudano about his new single, the title track of his upcoming ninth album, ‘Talkin‘ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies‘.

What inspired you to first start making music?

I got taken to a rock ‘n’ roll show at the Brooklyn Fox when I was nine years old. It left an impression that continues to resonate in me.

Is there a certain type of energy or feeling that you try to show in your music?

I want people to have some kind of emotional connection, a warm feeling, a deeper understanding. At the same time, I want to take them away and give them an involved experience, one they’ll enjoy. I want it to feel like family and friends.

Do you have a specific target audience that you try to appeal to?

No, not really. I think because I write so much about humanity that it’s emotionally relatable to all people.

If you were about to play your music for the first time for someone, what would you tell them to expect?

I’d tell them to expect some rhythm and some rhyme.

What do you think makes your music special? What kind of makes it stand out from other peoples music?

I don’t even know how to answer that question. I’m just a guy trying to be honest, living his life, thinking and feeling and writing songs about it.

What genre would you say your music is?

I would say, I fall into the category of singer songwriter. A combination of folk, blues, rock and soul.

The music video is absolutely cinematic, what was your creative thought process behind it?

Making a music video is a very collaborative event. So a lot depends on the team of people you’re working with. I’ve been very fortunate with the videos I’ve made because I got to work with some very creative producers and directors. For the Talkin’ Ugly Truth video it was a great Ukrainian team with Kira Mazur producing and Tymur Deina directing. You hit the nail on the head. Our goal was to make something cinematic with atmosphere, intrigue and motion.

What is your musical goal for 2024?

My musical goal is to continue writing songs that I am happy with.

Watch the delectable music video for ‘Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies’ below, and find out more about Bruce Sudano and his music online on his official websiteYouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

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