aliensdontringdoorbells Have Landed With ‘Story’…

One could be excused for mistaking this band’s name for a possible catch phrase for the second half of this absurd year we’re currently living in, but aliensdontringdoorbells has little to do with the wreckage of alien craft at Roswell, or the “big reveal” that beings from another world walk among us.  Instead, aliensdontringdoorbells are actually a musical crew of three, aboard a ship that brings with it their new single, entitled “Story”.  

The underlying theme of the song seems to be that we should try to understand that all things in life must change.  If you look at death as being a change from one type of existence to another, just as a we grow from childhood into our adulthood and beyond, death is not anything to fear.  It is merely a change…merely a point from where we have been to where we fly.  

When you hear this track, you may instantly think that it is a new Take That/Gary Barlow number as not only are the vocals quite similar to those of Gary Barlow, but the pop sensibilities and subject matter shares more than a few qualities of some of Gary Barlow’s tracks, such as “Let Me Go”.    

So while you’re waiting this summer for the latest news about occupants from interplanetary craft, take a moment to check out aliensdontringdoorbells, because they are HERE,  and they have something they want to tell you.

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