SINGLE PREVIEW: Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells ‘Are You Crazy?’

Get ready to blast off into the stratosphere with Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells, the pop-rock band that’s taking the world by storm! If you’re a fan of catchy choruses, uplifting verses, and infectious lyrics that get stuck in your head for days, then here’s something to sink your teeth into. This intergalactic trio from the Bahamas, UK, and Spain are back with a brand new single, ‘Are You Crazy?’, set to release on April 21st. And let me tell you, this song is out of this world!

aliensdontringdoorbells Have Landed With ‘Story’…

One could be excused for mistaking this band’s name for a possible catch phrase for the second half of this absurd year we’re currently living in, but aliensdontringdoorbells has little to do with the wreckage of alien craft at Roswell, or the “big reveal” that beings from another world walk among us.  Instead, aliensdontringdoorbells are actually a musical crew of three, aboard a ship that brings with it their new single, entitled “Story”.