Aliensdontringdoorbells Wow Crowds Around The UK

People underestimate the value of a good live show supporting act. Being stood in front of an audience that is there not necessarily to see you perform; the pressure is on. For the US-based rock ‘n’ roll band, aliensdontringdoorbells opened for the English pop-indie band Scouting For Girls, and to set the record straight, ADRD has done a phenomenal job.

As music venues started to open up this Autumn, people went for their first post-Covid shows, and ADRD was one of the bands to take on this responsibility. As a fairly new formation, all reviewers agreed on ADRD’s ability to hype up the audience.

With the concert opener ‘Consummation,’ crowds were singing along by the end of the track. The thing about ADRD is that no matter if you know the entire setlist by heart or you’ve never heard their material before, their debut album ‘Arrival’ is jam-packed with catchy choruses and gets everyone moving instantly.

Concert photography from Parr Hall, Warrington, October 2nd, 2021

A common theme was ADRD’s infectious enthusiasm throughout their set. Every night, the band did not forget to show gratitude for everyone who attended, like at Reading’s Sub 89 or Croydon’s Fairfield Halls.

Keyboardist Mark Boden and lead guitarist Dorian Foyil gave the audience a little battle of the band’s situation with separate solos, shedding light on each member equally.

The tour may be over now, but aliensdontringdoorbells are ready to showcase new material in the form of a second album. They will be working on it in Colorado starting next year in February.

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