LIVE REVIEW: Dance-pop prodigy NADIA makes stunning live debut in London

Amidst a packed-out Paper Dress Vintage, Irish pop singer-songwriter NADIA made her live debut in London on Tuesday supporting the enigmatic D3LTA. Having garnered acclaim for her passionate, neo-soul meets dance-pop style, the artist hypnotized the audience with her soul-stirring vocals and rhythmic soundscapes. Weaving a spell with each number, the sold-out venue transformed into a luminescent dancefloor that left us instantly hooked and truly mesmerised.

Songs Through The Darkness at The Lafayette

There have been several instances in the life of Henry Grace where the light at the end of the tunnel was music, a beacon to hang on to when life became too much to comprehend and depression filled the void. This week at The Lafayette, surely one of London’s outstanding musical venues, he became that light as he not only starred in but organised a magical night of music featuring Jamie Lawson and Elles Bailey alongside his considerable talent.

This Weekend’s Black Deer Festival Was A Triumph, And Supporting It Might Just Save Music As You Know It!

There must have been something prophetic about the lyrics of a Drake White song back in 2016, when he sang “nobody’s talking but we’re all on the phone”. The song ‘Back to Free’ is a song  from country artist Drake and he was one of the stars on Sunday at Kent’s ever more popular Americana, Country and Roots Black Deer Festival but I’m sure even he wouldn’t have foreseen the looming shadow of technology on music as well as our departure from the things that make life and making memories special.