LIVE REVIEW: Dance-pop prodigy NADIA makes stunning live debut in London

Amidst a packed-out Paper Dress Vintage, Irish pop singer-songwriter NADIA made her live debut in London on Tuesday supporting the enigmatic D3LTA. Having garnered acclaim for her passionate, neo-soul meets dance-pop style, the artist hypnotized the audience with her soul-stirring vocals and rhythmic soundscapes. Weaving a spell with each number, the sold-out venue transformed into a luminescent dancefloor that left us instantly hooked and truly mesmerised.

Kicking off with the 90s-inspired club anthem ‘Push The Button’, the singer’s delivery began in a velvety, warm tone, reverting to powerful, soulful cries. That earworm of a chorus – ‘Bam Bam Boom / Let me Push The Button / Turn me on right now’  will inevitably linger in the audience’s minds for several days prior. Serving an adrenalized slice of irresistible pop, the singer-songwriter embarked on a show-stopping introduction.

NADIA then performed her evocative latest single ‘Buzz’, capturing the addictive essence of city life. With imagery-led lyricism that professed its undeniable pull, the hit escaped to a new realm, characterized by subtle vocal gymnastics and captivating melodies. The performance certainly crafted a buzz for the rest of the singer-songwriter’s set, garnering a new collection of fans as the room progressively filled out.

The Belfast singer’s set served as a dynamic display of the artist’s signature style, blending emotionally fuelled lyricism with unforgettable hooks. The palpable energy of her performance was elevated by  ‘Remedy’, a tantalizing earlier release driven by Latin-esque rhythms, the house piano-led ‘Figure it Out’ and one of her most empowering offerings to date, ‘Every Step’. 

Providing fans with a glittering teaser of her upcoming music, NADIA unveiled two unreleased tracks, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and ‘Freedom’. Stepping up on her melodic abilities, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is an instant hit, evoking self-empowerment and determination. The highlight of the performance ultimately fell on ‘Freedom’, which infused magnetic harmonies and effervescent instrumentation to craft a euphoric set-closer.  

Throughout the electric performance, NADIA expressed a self-assured confidence that instantly put the venue at ease. Gracing the stage with her commanding voice, the singer effortlessly smiled and swayed throughout her set, welcoming us into her distinctive dance-pop world with open arms. Having solidified mainstream sensibilities through her songwriting prowess, NADIA has proven why she is one of pop’s most exciting new stars.

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