Drea Jeann – ‘Come Back To Me’

The music video Drea Jeann’s latest single, ‘Come Back To Me’, is luminous, and with the song effectively communicating through elemental imagery the idea of fighting tides and currents and returning to one another – no matter what.

It’s a simple metaphor interpreted visually, and yet it is extremely powerful. Drea Jeann and her lover are portrayed as swimmers, completely submerged under water, far under the surface. The video effectively conveys the idea of how in a relationship the deep emotions swirl, compel and propel, and it’s sometimes a struggle to get back together and united.

Drea Jeann is known for her deeply immersive songs, invoking deep feelings of sympathy from her audience. She connects with her listeners in an effortless manner, making every single word of every lyric count. Drea is a skilled singer, whose deep roots in jazz and musical theatre have given her a vocal flexibility. She’s also a talented musician as well, but she puts sincerity and honesty ahead of technique in every song.

Drea is no slouch when it comes to the roles she chooses in her videos either, her screen presence is compelling and distinguished. With the video for her previous single, ‘Faithfully’, she portrayed a soldier’s wife, her longing and anxiety upon waiting the return of her husband absolutely palpable on screen, and resulting in thousands of YouTube views for the video. In the clip for ‘Come Back To Me’, she is equally impressive, while the underwater sequences are not only gorgeous but also incredibly illustrative. It’s possible to interpret fear, desperation, frustration, and a crazy, fiery love in her expressions, and also in those of her estranged lover as well.

Find out more about Drea Jeann on her official website. Watch the video for ‘Come Back To Me’ below.

Drea Jeann - Come Back to Me (Official Music Video)

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