Introducing… aliensdontringdoorbells

Touching down from outer space and landing directly into your ear holes comes the exciting new, genre-defying band, aliensdontringdoorbells. Remaining relatively enigmatic with only the phrase “we are amongst you” appearing in social media bios, here’s what we do know about the elusive rockers…

  1. When it comes to music, these guys know their stuff. Boasting impressive record collections between the three members, the band also cite rock monsters Bruce Springsteen, OneRepublic and Maroon 5 amongst their influences.
  2. They have roots all over the world! The band members of aliensdontringdoorbells hail from all over the world, with the rhythm section calling the Bahamas their home, where they also held their recording sessions. The Bahamas was hit by life-threatening hurricanes, even as the band began to build their fanbase, and the guys swooped in to the rescue with a charity gig raising funds for the relief efforts.
  3. They are gearing up to release ‘Story’. It’s a narrative-style song all about the innocence of childhood, and perfectly evokes the band’s timeless feel throughout the track. We can’t wait to hear it!

Watch out for these guys blowing up the radio soon, and meanwhile follow them on social media @aliensdontringdoorbells

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