Dasgasdom3 Has A Cathartic Experience With New Single, ‘Leave Me’

Dasgasdom3 started out back in 2016, describing himself as a “troll at heart”, livestreaming his adventures on Kick, before later dropping the content on YouTube. He chose his unique stage name while still in high school, showing a way to stand out from the crowd. It wasn’t long before he started expressing himself through music, citing the likes of Kendrick Lamar as his inspiration.

He first recorded ‘Smoking The Pain’ with his cousin, Yung Splita, and is now on his way to releasing his new album, ‘SO3’ this month. The title is an abbreviation of Society of 3, and is an ode to his childhood and the optimism of youth.

‘Leave Me’, the first drop from ‘SO3’, is perhaps Dasgasdom3’s most vulnerable track to date, written in February last year, after the breakdown of a particularly toxic relationship he’d been in. Through ‘Leave Me’, Dasgasdom3 achieves a certain catharsis, processing the emotions of wanting to on the one hand continue the relationship, while on the other knowing it wouldn’t be healthy to do so.

The instrumentals of ‘Leave Me’ ride a rail between being sombre and reflective, and high-energy and upbeat, reflecting the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by Dasgasdom3, between being abused, while still hopeful for the future.

The music video for ‘Leave Me’, directed by Toronto-based BrownGuyMadeIT, follows Dasgasdom as he performs at locations across Los Angeles. We see him alone at Venice Beach, and then partying with his significant other in Beverly Hills, all the while expressing himself while at the same time living the influencer life. The end result is a clip that shows that not only is Dasgasdom3 alright after the breakup, but he’ll be even better because he’s allowed himsellf to move on.

You can check out the music video for ‘Leave Me’ below, and be sure to find out more about Dasgasdom3 and his music online on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Dasgasdom3 - Leave Me (Official Music Video) 🎥 BrownGuy

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