aliensdontringdoorbells Are Landing With ‘Story’

New pop-rock trio aliensdontringdoorbells have released the audio for their brand new single ‘Story’.

Recorded in the Bahamas, ‘Story’ tells the tale of a young boy who spends his days bathed in the sunshine with his parents by his side as they go for long walks and adventures. However, the father of the child soon becomes unwell (we are not informed what the cause of his illness is in the song though) and he tells his son to remember the good times and not to be sad as his physical life is reaching its end.

The lead vocals are reminiscent of Maroon 5 and are very pleasant on the ear for the listener whilst the relaxing acoustic guitar blends well with the local rhythm section to convey the emotional lyrics. Fans of Take That and the Manic Street Preachers might appreciate the musicianship and overall song production. 

‘Story’ is taken from aliensdontringdoorbells forthcoming  debut album and whilst the band are surrounded in mystery in terms of identities and origins, ‘Story’ is the perfect track to introduce them to the world so that they can invade your summer playlists and radio airwaves!

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