Gaz Coombes And Danny Goffey Cover Kelis Classic, ‘Milkshake’ For 10th Anniversary of The Hotrats

In 2010, one half of Britain’s much loved pop rock combo Supergrass, Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey teamed with world-renowned producer Nigel Godrich to bring you The Hotrats.

With the original intention of diving into the studio for some light relief, the spontaneous sessions soon became ‘Turn Ons’ – Gaz & Danny’s own ‘Pin Ups’ style covers record of classic songs, born out of a true love and respect for their rock heroes.

Released as a highly limited run, ‘Turn Ons’ was a 12-track doff of the cap to musical forefathers including Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, David Bowie and The Sex Pistols and has remained an out of print record shop rarity for a decade.

Gaz Coombes explains:

“The Hotrats was all about freedom to experiment, about exploring our own surreal psychedelic tendencies in a studio while celebrating the music that shaped our worlds growing up. And just to have some fun with great music in the mould of classics like Bowie’s ‘Pin Ups’ or Lennon & Nilsson’s ‘Pussy Cats’.

They felt like proper records to me, and that’s what we wanted to feel with ‘Turn Ons’, something super creative and exciting.

The songs are already cemented in the history books, but for us it was about injecting our own energy into something, not replicating the original. More a case of re-shaping the chemistry. Re-doing the original experiment (hopefully) without destroying it in the process!”

Fast forward ten years to 2020 and Coombes, Goffey and Godrich reconvene to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this forgotten classic with a new offering; a psychedelic twist on the Kelis classic ‘Milkshake’.

Danny Goffey said:

“We went down to see Nigel at his Brixton studio to have a chat about the ‘Turn Ons’ release and to listen back to the old multi-track recordings for any outtakes. Sitting around and joking, reliving the memories those tracks brought back, we realised how much we missed that dynamic.

We were all having such a good time that we decided to jump on the instruments laying around and record something there and then. That’s how Milkshake came about…

Another adventure in the Hotrats world!”

The tenth anniversary of ‘Turn Ons’ follows hot on the heels of Supergrass’ triumphant reunion year marking the 25th anniversary of their chart-topping debut album ‘I Should Coco’, Supergrass’ reunion tour has catapulted them back into the hearts and minds of fans and critics alike.

A special tenth anniversary 3CD/DVD reissue ‘Turn Ons – 10th Anniversary Edition’ will be released June 19th via Edsel Records. With the addition of bonus tracks, instrumentals and live recordings, fans can uncover this one-off project step by step.

‘Turn Ons’ will also be released on a double 10” hot pink vinyl pressing exclusively for Record Store Day 2020, June 20th.

Pre-order ‘Turn Ons – 10th Anniversary Edition’ here.


1. I Can’t Stand It (The Velvet Underground)
2. Big Sky (The Kinks)
3. The Crystal Ship (The Doors)
4. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) (Beastie Boys)
5. Damaged Goods (Gang Of Four)
6. Love Is The Drug (Roxy Music)
7. Bike (Pink Floyd)
8. Pump It Up (Elvis Costello)
9. The Lovecats (The Cure)
10. Queen Bitch (David Bowie)
11. E.M.I (Sex Pistols)
12. Up The Junction (Squeeze)

Bonus Tracks:

13. Mirror In The Bathroom (The Beat)
14. West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)
15. Drive My Car (The Beatles)
16. Drive My Car (Alternate Mix)
17. Milkshake (Kelis)



1. Introduction
2. I Can’t Stand It
3. Damaged Goods
4. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)
5. The Crystal Ship
6. Pump It Up
7. Love Is The Drug
8. Big Sky
9. Queen Bitch
10. Bike
11. Mirror In The Bathroom
12. E.M.I.
13. The Lovecats
14. Drive My Car
15. Caught By The Fuzz
16. Can’t Stand It
17. Mirror In The Bathroom
18. E.M.I.


1. I Can’t Stand It (Instrumental)
2. Big Sky (Instrumental)
3. The Crystal Shop (Instrumental)
4. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)
5. Damaged Goods (Instrumental)
6. Love Is The Drug (Instrumental)
7. Bike (Instrumental)
8. Pump It Up (Instrumental)
9. The Lovecats (Instrumental)
10. Queen Bitch (Instrumental)
11. Up The Junction (Instrumental)
12. Mirror In The Bathroom (Instrumental)
13. Milkshake (Instrumental)

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