Bruce Sudano Releases Title Track For Ninth Album, ‘Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies’

Bruce Sudano‘s resilience shines through every single thing he does, and no less so than in the release of his highly anticipated ninth album, ‘Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies’. His enduring passion and lyrical honesty, and not to forget, his musical innovation, are all on show in the title track, accompanied by a masterclass of a music video that sees him showing off his “wild side”.

Bruce Sudano – ‘Cosmic Ride’

We take a trip through the Milky Way in Bruce Sudano’s latest single release, ‘Cosmic Ride’. The song is all about having an open heart and mind to find meaning within, while we traverse the adventure that is life. With easy-going guitar, and groovy drums, we are swept away into a meditative daydream, that sees us float through feelings of peace, and playfulness. Of course, like Bruce’s other recent releases over the past few years, the new single comes with an animated lyric video.

Bruce Sudano – ‘American Sunset’

We love Bruce Sudano. His music career has been massive, both on stage and behind the scenes. The former member of pop-rock bands Brooklyn Dreams, and Alive N Kickin’ has had such a versatile career, with a country-pop hit for Dolly Parton (‘Starting Over Again’, which he co-wrote with Donna Summer, his late wife), four songs for Donna on her album, ‘She Works Hard For The Money’, and ‘Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin’ (Too Good to Be True)’ with Michael Omartian, which saw Jermaine and Michael Jackson record as a duet for Jermaine’s self-titled album.

Bruce Sudano – ‘Back In The Neighborhood’

Veteran songwriter and guitarist Bruce Sudano has been a practitioner of pop-rock for nearly 60 years, seeing it as not just a place for big sounds and big beats, but big ideas too. He topped the charts back in the 60s with ‘Alive N Kickin’, and wrote country-pop gold for Dolly Parton, disco and electro-funk for wife Donna Summer, and and priceless radio ready tracks for Michael Jackson. In his solo career however, Sudano tackles those issues that others don’t touch. Things like every day life difficulties, mortality’s grip on us all, human experiences we all have in common.