Does Your Band Need PR?

PR simply means public relations. A good PR company will put your music in front of the right journalists and manage media coverage to help you build your fan base. They know who to speak to in the business to create the right buzz about you but, more importantly, they know how to communicate with them. So, does your band need PR? Let’s find out.

Can You Do the Work Yourself?

It is certainly possible to do some of the work yourself. However, companies such as Now Listen PR can create a high impact campaign whether you need a single release strategy or you want to use a fully targeted approach. They’re a trusted digital music marketing agency working with independent artists and major labels, so it’s an option worth considering.

You may know who to contact but they may not take your call or give you the time of day. You may have heard of the publications they deal with, but that doesn’t mean you know the editors personally. A good PR agency already has their foot in the door and can get their voices heard over all the other bands who may have decided to do their own PR.

A good PR will do the media management for you and leave you without the hassle. They free up time for your band to concentrate on making music rather than trying to deal with everything that comes with it as well.

Who Should You Hire?

There are many PR companies out there, but you want to choose one that is right for your band. Look for an agency that specialises in your genre and who have had success in the past with brand-new bands. Many PR companies can market existing bands and get their new music heard, but it does take a special talent to get the music of brand-new bands listened to, as they have not got a track record or created much of a buzz yet.

When Should You Hire a PR Agency?

You should think about hiring yourself a PR company when you have got some new music you would like to publicise. However, don’t strike too soon as a good PR will want your music ready to be taken to the market. If you are still putting the finishing touches to your album, then it is best to wait until you have done this. On the other hand, you want to make sure you don’t ruin your chances by waiting to see how your music has done before you decide whether to get a PR company involved. Doing this could kill any buzz before you even start. A good PR person will know exactly when to act and what to do, so chat to them about your music and they will make sure you strike at exactly the right time.

It should always be worth your time hiring a PR agency, otherwise it means they are not doing their jobs properly. In other words, they should be able to make you more money than they cost you. Make sure you are ready for action beforehand though, as they can get you publicity faster than you might expect.

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