The Full Guide to Promoting Music on Your Instagram Story for Expert and Novice Musicians

Nowadays, there are so many different steps to take to promote a product, business, or brand. Instead of posting a billboard or passing out flyers, people have to learn how to use social media. With thousands of competing brands and artists, people have to learn how to stand out. They have to learn how to use every social media application and each feature it has to offer. In this article, both expert and novice musicians will learn how to promote their music with the Instagram Story feature. They’ll learn how to get noticed, build a bigger fanbase, and become marketing experts online. After all, Instagram is one of the top places to grow a music brand.

How to Raise Money to Make Music Professionally

Whether you’re in a band or striking out on your own as a singer/songwriter, you’ll need to invest a little cash if you want to make a success out of your music career. Instruments, recording equipment, transport costs and marketing are just a few of the expenses you’ll come up against as a professional or semi-pro performer. In this article, we’ll explore just some of the ways you can save enough to afford all of these and more.

New Music Competition Launched: Sound Of The Times

The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), Time and Leisure Magazine, and Creative Youth are proud to announce their joint launch of Sound of the Times.
Sound of the Times is a brand new competition celebrating the best in new music. Open to solo artists, musicians, and bands, aged between 17-26, who live, work, or study in South West London or Surrey, Sound of the Times winners can expect a whole host of prizes that will help launch their music careers.