The Full Guide to Promoting Music on Your Instagram Story for Expert and Novice Musicians

Nowadays, there are so many different steps to take to promote a product, business, or brand. Instead of posting a billboard or passing out flyers, people have to learn how to use social media. With thousands of competing brands and artists, people have to learn how to stand out. They have to learn how to use every social media application and each feature it has to offer. In this article, both expert and novice musicians will learn how to promote their music with the Instagram Story feature. They’ll learn how to get noticed, build a bigger fanbase, and become marketing experts online. After all, Instagram is one of the top places to grow a music brand.

Posting Regularly

One such way people can gain more views and fans is by posting regularly. Musicians should post videos and photos on their Instagram page every single day. With this, they can get more views. While they build a following, they can buy Instagram story views to give their page more recognition.

Be Creative with Posts

There are millions of people on Instagram, and all of them have access to the feature button. Musicians need to mix up what they post on their stories to keep the attention of their viewers.

(a) Posting Photos

The most obvious thing one can post on Instagram is a photo. Musicians can post pictures on their Instagram story, too. However, they simply shouldn’t just post the photo; they should make it stand out. And here are tips on how:

  • Post the cover of an album and ask people to guess what the name is going to be. Or have chosen which of the musician’s songs is their favourite. Use polls in stories to be more interactive with followers.
  • Add stickers to pictures to show where they were taking and what message the musicians want to promote with that picture.
  • Ask a Question. Ask followers a question about a photo or visual and see what responses come up. Then use those answers to make another story. Some more features can be found

(b) Posting Videos

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  • People love a good challenge. Contribute to specific music challenges like “New Song November” where the artists write a new song each day in November. Post a video each day, and try to do it at the same time to help customers. Or be silly and do the Ice Bucket Challenge and tag other musicians. Have fun with it.
  • Music Videos. People follow and watch musicians’ posts because they are interested in them and their music. Release a sneak peek of an upcoming music video to intrigue viewers.
  • Behind the Scenes. Instagram users can never go wrong with a “behind the scenes” look at what they do in their daily life, what their band set up is like, what it’s like recording a song, etc.

(c) Other

  • Link Music. Connect music from Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and anywhere else. Not only will this give viewers an opportunity to listen to the musician’s tunes, it will also help that musician get more plays on other applications.
  • Go Live. Every once in a while, go live on Instagram to answer fan questions about music, life, and more.
  • Use Countdowns. Countdown to a new album or song on Instagram. Post a quick video or a photo in the story each day until the music is released. Then post everywhere!
  • Tag Others. Give shout-outs to fans when they comment on something nice. Tag other musicians, especially if it’s a fellow collaborator. Let fans know they are valued and appreciated, even online.

By being creative with posts and posting regularly, musicians will build a fanbase much faster than they anticipate. They’ll be able to find fans and followers who care about their music and what they have to say. Instagram is a secret weapon for promoting music online. Every musician should use it, and they should use it well. Now get on Instagram, and start making stories.

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