The NaveBlues – ‘The Pale Blue Dot’

In his video for ‘The Pale Blue Dot’, Navé Pundik of The NaveBlues imagines that the songs carried into space by Voyager sound something like the music he makes, and he figures that any aliens who spin his songs are more than likely to want to send a message back to him.

The NaveBlues, from Norway, make songs that represent our planet’s deepest and most enduring musical traditions: real rock, authentic blues, authentic soul. Wherever Pundik has taken his band, crowds have responded enthusiastically. Heartfelt, immediate, and catchy, the clip for ‘Pale Blue Dot’ is the latest in a series of delightful tracks and videos from the NaveBlues.

Shot in the mountains around Bergen, Norway,  we seeNavé on a hilltop in the summertime – high above the sleeping town and the fjords below. It’s gorgeous, it’s majestic, and it’s solitary. However, Navé is not alone: a burst of white light leads him through the forest to a transmission from the stars. There it is, waiting for him, and, by extension, all of humanity – a message from our astral neighbours. Navé’s extra-terrestrial encounter gives him a fresh perspective on the earth; let’s take good care of our pale blue dot, he cautions us, because it’s the only one we’ve got.

Find The NaveBlues online on Facebook. Watch the video for ‘The Pale Blue Dot’:

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