Dallic – ‘Debut’ LP

Now out for release on PM Recordings is ‘Debut’, a truly captivating long-player from the Dutch producer Dallic. He has formed his new artist moniker from his own name, Diederick van Loo and the word ‘psychedelic,’ and is now making solo material since no longer being a part of the duo Propulsive.

Dallic’s style is an uplifting blend of synth pop and electronic, and the full spectrum of his sound is on offer with the ‘Debut’ LP. Having been made over the past few months, it features his heavily streamed single ‘Focus Shift’ as well as eleven other musical gems. Its other lead track ‘No Lies’ is full of 80s nods, and proves irresistible from first listen. The brooding ‘Attention,’ progressively charged ‘Deficit’ and piano-filled ‘Lucid Pt. 2’ are also standout cuts from the album, and further reason to stream it fully.

Commenting on ‘Debut’Dallic shares:

“When listening to the album, you can hear the influences of the music from the time I grew up, from the 80’s ‘til now. Some tracks even switch between past and present day. My goal is that the listener will time-travel through his or her own life, remembering several important emotions while listening.”

Stream it now.

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