Getting Fresh: We Speak With ‘Demon’ Artist, Fresh Da Zoe

You’ll no doubt have just read our review of Haitian, now Boston rapper, Fresh Da Zoe’s new single and music video, ‘Demon‘. We spoke with the artist himself, and asked him to share something about his life, his music and his influences.

First up, how did you come up with the name, Fresh Da Zoe? What’s the significance?

lil Fresh was my middle school name up into high school – that’s how they used to call me, cause I had swag, I knew how to put my outfit together, it was always clean and Fresh. I was in Haiti but my clothes were coming from the States so I was a little Fresher then most of my camarades; when I got to the state, they started calling me Freshman cause I was new in the neighborhood so the girls started calling me that. So when I started rapping I kept it simple – so I kept Fresh, since that name kept on following me everywhere I go, but In the rap game after I did my research a lot of rappers’ names were Fresh, it was a very popular name, so to differentiate myself from them I added Da Zoe – so, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Fresh Da Zoe.

You grew up in Port Au Prince, but later relocated to Boston. What are the pluses and minuses of each place? What do you miss most about Haiti?

Well, in Haiti you feel free everywhere you go, and accepted – no racism and everybody is equal. Although everywhere in the world money talks, that’s really the only time you see the difference cause there’s places where only money can go but after that you do what you want and go where you please but really no opportunity so that’s the minuses and pluses for Haiti. America’s got too many rules and being black in it, you’re not free at all, you’re not safe. They have eyes on you wherever you go – the police, your neighbor, your coworker that’s white. “You got the right to remain silent” – but they really want you to remain silent. This is America, that’s the only way to live is to remain silent. You don’t really have the freedom of speech for real but there’s a lot of opportunities.

Your new single, ‘Demon’ is a fast flowing track with a fun instrumental base. It’s in stark contrast to the cinematic video which ends quite darkly. What gave you the idea for the song, and how did you come up with the video concept?

I think I’ve got a dark spirit, a cold soul, that’s what I’ve been told. Last time I was with a girl she told me I had no heart and she wasn’t the only one. I think I’m a great guy, I’m just not like these other guys out there. I came from a different place; I’m not always on that lovey dovey shit, I got yeses and nos and when I feel violated, I react to it how I know how to – so that’s the story behind the song. The video production that I hired was very detail-oriented, the best I’ve ever worked with. Shout-out to LIFIMEDIA he did as much as he can to bring the story to life.

The video feels like it’s just the first instalment in a series – are you going to continue the story in the video for your next track?

You’re not the first to say that. I guess I’ve got to watch it again that way to see that – I had stars on the rise who told me the same thing so maybe, I might – who knows, lol.

Do you feel that there are demons about – that people are among us who aren’t what they say they are?

Of course, everyday, around you you always gotta watch your back with everybody even that woman or man in your life that you call your wife or girlfriend or whatever that knows all your life – as soon as you turn your back, they want everything you’ve got. They want you to suffer and be miserable, but they used to tell you how much they love you – the world is crazy…

What’s next for Fresh Da Zoe?

Dropping all year long till my image is tattooed in your brain.

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what’s the answer to that question?

Uhm I never think about anything that I haven’t been asked before. I’m sure there’s a lot but I can’t think of one.

You can watch the video for ‘Demon’ below, and find out more about Fresh Da Zoe and his music online on his official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Fresh Da Zoe - Demon (Official Music Video)

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