ESAE’s New Single Arrives Through COED Records

Newly released via COED Records is the sweetly touching ‘trying’ from ESAE. The producer, singer and songwriter has honed her sound after teaching herself to write and follows on from the well-received ‘a car going nowhere’.

With gently flickering melodies and beautiful drifts of melody, this is a piece of work that has come straight from the heart. She shares:

“‘trying’ is an honest letter. I didn’t have to try hard while writing it because I just simply wrote what I wanted to say that no one, at that time, was there to listen to. I know many people who are scared to speak to their families or friends about feeling this way. Grief is a part of life but having no one to share it with is unbearable. It’d be arrogant to imply that any of my songs can cause healing, but I hope that at the very least, this one shows that there is someone else in the darkness with you if you happen to venture further in.”

You can also check out the video to this one below.

ESAE - trying (Official Music Video)(2019)

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