DEBUT RELEASE: Elliot Horne ‘Where Would I Be’

With the first few seconds of Elliot Horne’s ‘Where Would I Be,’ you are sucked into the world of an Oxfordshire-based rising artist. His smooth vocals carry an infectious power to pull people in and leave you wanting more.

Elliot Horne is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter whose debut single ‘Where Would I Be’ could easily be one of the year’s most impressive debuts. This pop-R&B-infused hit draws onto darker elements while keeping the track’s catchy chorus that will have you singing in no time.

‘Where Would I Be’ shares Horne’s introspective lyricism in navigating the isolating reality of the past few years. For a debut single, Horne is happy to showcase more of his emotional side as a young male. Taking inspiration from The Weeknd, Troye Sivan, and Tate Mcrae, Elliot Horne makes it a point to produce high-quality records that perfectly mirror his vision and personality.

Elliot Horne’s efforts are paying off as his fandom is rapidly growing with over 200k social media followers and a large TikTok following with views reaching over 1.8 million.

‘Where Would I Be’ is out now.

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