These Are The Hottest Games In The World Right Now

The world of gaming expands across many different genres and formats, from AAA console titles to online casino classics. Here we take a look at the hottest games in the world right now by category.

Hottest iGaming title – Poker

The online gaming industry is experiencing a massive surge in popularity, with players around the world flocking to immersive experiences like multiplayer shooters, engaging RPGs, and addictive online slots games that provide endless entertainment and lucrative rewards.

The iGaming industry encompasses many different types of casino and table game. One of the most popular is online poker.

Online poker first rose to popularity in the early 2000s and underwent a massive boost to its player base over the following years. Although that initial boom has subsided, the world of poker has recently experienced another wave of popularity which many are calling the second boom.

The live poker scene is currently thriving, with attendance records and prize pools reaching peaks not seen since the early days. The online scene, meanwhile, continues to offer players accessibility and a range of options that include round the clock tournaments and cash games.

The range and availability of online poker games is one of the reasons players tend to jump online, either as an alternative to or in between live sessions. In any case, online poker is one of the hottest iGaming options across the world right now.

Hottest eSports title – PUBG Mobile

When it comes to the hottest eSports title, a few candidates could have quite rightly made the cut. Apex Legends is the newcomer on the block. Released in 2019, it has quickly gained steam in the eSports community, offering a Global Series with 12 events and collective prize pools of $3 million.

When it comes to the biggest prize pools, DOTA 2 still claims that spot by a decent margin. The last DOTA 2 International tournament gave away over $32.5 million.

But our pick for the hottest eSports title right now is PUBG Mobile. The player base for the PC version of PUBG is dropping off and is often quoted as being quite dated.

The mobile version, however, is picking up speed. In 2021, seven regions were added to PUBG Mobile competitions, including huge markets like Western Europe, North America and Brazil. The esport currently pays out $14 million in yearly prizes, which puts PUBG Mobile ahead of any other mobile eSport.

Hottest console title – FIFA 23

The 2022 release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, the latest in the long running franchise, was the best selling video game title of 2022. It still ranked as the number one best seller in January 2023. Yet it looks like the game has finally reached its peak in terms of sales.

In the first week of February, COD reached only fifth place in the rankings. In the second week, it ranked sixth. Edging it off the top spots were Hogwarts Legacy, a brand new release which isn’t expected to hold the top spot for too long, as well as God of War: Ragnarok and FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 has been consistently hitting the top three spots week in, week out. In the first week of February it took number one in sales and in the second week of February it reached third. Football benefits from a mainstream fanbase and even influences pop music.

The latest EA instalment is the last of its kind and the company’s final FIFA game as their agreement with the football institution comes to an end. Players are jumping on the chance to play the final game in what has been a true legacy-making franchise.

Hottest PC game – Dead Space

For the hottest PC game right now, we’ve gone with Dead Space, the newly released next-gen remake of the original survival horror game. It ranked at number two in revenue in the month of January, right behind Call of Duty.

Dead Space is a nostalgic blast from the past brought right up to date and fully reimagined as a new title. Far from a half hearted remake, it’s been widely praised for improving on the original in nearly every way.

The plot follows the crew of the Kellion repair vessel as it crash lands on the Ishimura on the edge of Aegis VII. Zombie-like creatures known as Necromorphs attack the crew as they attempt to repair the ship and investigate the source of the outbreak.

Comparable to Resident Evil but set in a futuristic space environment, Dead Space is the biggest and most modern survival horror title out there and, right now, it’s the hottest game on PC.

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