Fresh Da Zoe Takes No Prisoners With Powerful New Single And Music Video, ‘Demon’

Widson Pierre was born on the island of Haiti, in Port Au Prince. Back then, in 1990, the town was known just as much for its beauty as for its violence, and Widson learned to cope with this dichotomy by learning to write poetry. He learned to write and speak English, setting into motion his future plans. Moving to Boston in 2010, he was reborn as Fresh Da Zoe. The fierce and fearless artist with the dynamic flow and confrontational, yet casual style, he spins tales reflective of his life and personal history. His new single, ‘Demon’, together with its short film, follows on from hits such as ‘No Sleep’, which so far amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone, and looks set to repeat that success.

‘Demon’ serves as a statement to Fresh Da Zoe’s critics. They may call him a demon, but he is so much more than that. With a humorous “plinky plonk” piano loop, amplified by a classic Atlanta trap beat, Fresh Da Zoe puts ex-lovers, ex-employers, rivals and posers all in their place – with no discrimination as to who they might be. They claim he’s got no heart, but it’s the actual opposite; Fresh Da Zoe is all heart, and he knows what he’s worth.

The music video for ‘Demon’ is more of a short film than a clip. Opening with a wide angle shot of Boston, we soon realise that even in his adopted home town, Fresh Da Zoe isn’t safe. He’s bundled into the boot of a car, kidnapped by gangsters, whose plan is to present his heart to their boss as proof that they’ve offed him. On the operating table however it’s soon clear that this man doesn’t have one – not one they can see anyway. At this point it takes off and we see the life of glamour enjoyed by the emcee. He’s flanked by twin succubi, twerking as if their lives depended on it, and he sees off everyone who would question him, like we mere mortals flick flies off our shoulders. The end is somewhat graphic, so be warned; Fresh raises a gun to one of his captors and shoots him point blank in the forehead. The feeling is that this is just the start of Fresh Da Zoe’s reign of terror, with future installments yet to come in other videos.

You can watch the video for ‘Demon’ below, and find out more about Fresh Da Zoe and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Fresh Da Zoe - Demon (Official Music Video)

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