With ‘Tonight I Run’, Astraea Taps Into A Raw Feminine Power

It’s a solo offering from the woman responsible for some of the greatest hits in today’s musical landscape – those by acts such as Ward Thomas and Lewis Capaldi. But now stepping out from behind the producer’s desk, it’s clear that this release is something producer Astraea has been sitting on for some while now, and is read to unleash.

Tapping into a raw feminine power which comes with the territory when you’re a female producer working in the industry, ‘Tonight I Run’ details the effort and determination which Astraea needed to implement in order to get to the top of her field.

It’s a song which sounds somewhat rapturous, as if she is harnessing the power of the elements themselves – even the synths used sound like they were born of the earth. The chorus is an explosion of integrity and power, and it’s all the more authentic given that the entire song came from Astraea alone.

Now that she’s found her own voice, it’s time to listen to what she has to say.

Video below:

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