MattO Gives Voice To The Voiceless With New Single, ‘Reeling’

MattO’s songs have an immediate effect, and the sound stays with the listener long after they’ve pressed stop. The singer songwriter has made it his mission to sing about the real things in his life, things that everyone can relate to; the issues and emotions that matter to us all. With his new single and video, ‘Reeling’, MattO brings his astute social commentary to the fore, in a way which speaks to everyone, as we all look for answers in this crazy troubled world.

Bryn Ryan-Van Dyke Speaks With Us About Her Music Career, What’s Coming Up Next, And Latest Single, ‘It’s My Movie’

Singer songwriter Bryn Ryan-Van Dyke is as inspiring as it gets. She chose to follow her dreams, even if it meant a scary leap into the unknown, in her case, the business of being a musical artist. She taught her self to sing, and learned to play guitar, and from there she has played some of the most iconic venues in Hollywood and beyond. What sounds like a fairy tale however has been the result of hard work; Bryn has put in the hard yards necessary to achieve her success. We have been following her career for a while now, and with her new single, ‘It’s My Movie’, and its message of taking control of your life, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to tap into how she thinks.

Folk Americana Artist Carolee Rainey Brings Inimitable Spirit Of Adventure And Creativity To ‘Baby’

Carolee Rainey’s most recent single, ‘Baby’, tells the heartwarming story of every person’s journey when they make their way in the world, even though they’ve not fully reached sufficient maturity to do it on their own. Written with her own children in mind, it’s out now and available on all streaming platforms via Sapphire Records. With love, longing and loyalty ebbing throughout the track, it’s a ballad laid over an enticing instrumental arrangement, and serves as a song for those times of transition.

Singer Songwriter Bryn Ryan-Van Dyke Creates Aspirational Anthem For The Ages In New Single, ‘It’s My Movie’

Originally from Southern California, but now based in Honolulu, Hawaii, singer-songwriter Bryn Ryan-Van Dyke has no intention of letting life pass her by, but rather, she is determined to fill up every second of it. Bryn is living her dream as a singer songwriter, effectively living a second life, and her music takes its inspiration from other storytelling artists such as Alanis Morisette, Stevie Nicks, Amy Lee of Evanescence, and Elton John, and songwriters like Carole King.