Portland Quintet The Noted Ask Us To Put Aside Our Differences In New Release, ‘I Am’

Pop rock quintet, The Noted, from Portland, Oregon, take on the mantle of folk activism in their new single, ‘I Am’. Seemly happy to remain understated and underrated, the band keep a low profile and write honest and hard-hitting songs about the experience of humans in these often troubling times.

Singer-songwriter Daniel Work trades his-and-hers vocals with Angela Baldino, backed by the fully immersive sounds of bassist John Dwyer, guitarist Jeff Koch, and drummer Mike Snyder. Their sound is reflective of pop throughout the ages, reminiscent at times of Paul McCartney, and also the melancholy vibes of the 90s and 2000s.

With a wide range of experience in music and entertainment between them – and fans including none other Mel Brooks, who once yelled through an 80-piece studio orchestra, “Mike Snyder, you are my favorite drummer in the world!” – The Noted keep developing their sound, and give their own perspective on the times as they are.

‘I Am’ sees Work reflect on what it’s like to be an American in these times where everyone is at odds with each other. It’s not a protest song, by any means, but rather appeals to the common brotherhood that supersedes geography and politics. With creative percussive layers set against bass and piano, Work’s peaceful, yet melancholy-tinged vocals flow nicely alongside Koch’s soaring guitar, calling to mind the sound of Alan Parsons, or even Mike Rutherford.

The music video for ‘I Am’ is a curation of black and white photos by Work and contributor Lane Weinberg, showing not just Americans from all walks of life but also a reflection of our own lives. We see every day interactions and tasks we must accomplish, simple yet necessary. The clip calls viewers to unite to make a life worth living, rather than lose ourselves in petty issues. While The Noted are focusing on US citizens in this song, it’s a message we in the rest of the world can also learn from.

Watch the music video for ‘I Am’ below, and find out more about The Noted and their music online on their official website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Noted - I Am (Official Music Video)

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