Virtue Scripts Is ‘Heading For The Light’ With New Rock Single And Clip

Based in the UK, Virtue Scripts is a musical powerhouse headed up by by Prudence Oliver, whose aim is to produce content with other creatives, and in so doing shine a light in their lives by way of music and art.

New single and video, ‘Heading For The Light’, sees Prudence pay tribute to her late mother in her powerful new video. She gives a voice to the voiceless and her aim is to ensure nobody feels locked down by their adversities, such as loss or depression.

Virtue Scripts’ aim is to bring people out of darkness and into the light, and ‘Heading For The Light’ is an excellent reminder to stay focused and to keep moving through troubling times.

Heading for the Light’ is about fighting the good fight, and escaping the shadows of despair. The accompanying music video portrays perfectly what it feels like to be chained down by the negativity of life.

We see a cave, filled with plenty of twists and turns, its rockiness emblematic of the seemingly endless journey experienced by the those dwelling in the cave, decaying with the lack of hope and light. Despite the jarring movements of the cave’s denizens, with each step, no matter how slow or small, they are brought closer to that which they long for most.

They are led through each turn, until they reach that life which they have hoped for. Their filthy rags are replaced by clean clothes, and their frowns are turned into smiles; the message of the song and video being that sometimes, it’s easier to get through turmoil if we share our problems with others.

Watch the music video for ‘Heading For The Light’ below, and find out more about Virtue Scripts and their music online on their official website, YouTube, and Instagram.

Virtue Scripts - "Heading for the Light" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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