OMUMO Releases Compilation Album Of Washington DC Artists


OMUMO Records, based in Washington DC, is an independent record label which showcases the work of artists based in that community.

Founded in 2015 by Brad Atefi, himself a multi-instrumentalist and producer, OMUMO’s projects on the label include folk, rock, hip hop, and electronic music, all the while maintaining unique artistry and songwriting.

The album, comprising twenty one tracks with genres ranging from hip hop and folk to electronic, will appeal to fans of all music.

Our highlights were first track, ‘Maze’, which had a really Eastern, electronic vibe – it sounds like they’re using a Theramin, which gives the track a really spacey, trancey feel. ‘Maze’ is sung by Vin Mariani, who also features on the album with the songs, ‘Palmute’ and ‘Last Shot’, all of which come from his ‘Death To Ocean’ album.

You can hear more from Vin Mariani on his Soundcloud.

“Ocean” is a common theme on the album, with two of the artists, Ocean Black and Ocean Man also singing tracks which we enjoyed. ‘Namaste’, ‘Born To Breathe’, and ‘Memories Ago’, all by Ocean Black, all of whose styles lay somewhere between Hip Hop and Folk, are also very appealing, and come from his album, ‘Ocean Black – I’.

Ocean Man, or more correctly, The Artist Formerly Known As Ocean Man, also features with three of the songs of this album, ‘Cielo’, ‘Miami II’, and the intriguingly-titled, ‘The Fall and Rise of Ocean Man’. Ocean Man’s album is a story told through eclectic stylistic influence and instrumentation.

Central to all the tracks on this sampler are the brilliant musicians, not least of whom is label owner Brad Atefi, who performs guitar, keys, drums, additional vocals, and produced them all. 

You can find out more about OMUMO and all the artists featured on the sampler from the following links:

Vin Mariani:
Persian Idol:
Ocean Man:
Mamas Boiz:
Spring Hill Carryout:
Ocean Black:


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