Voyce Memos Make Awesome Statement With ‘Chronology’ LP

Voyce Memos started 2021 with two singles taken from their sophomore album project, which is released today. A full immersion in the musical DNA of this Houston based band fronted by Richard Borger, Chronology is a truly awesome listen.

If you’re into smooth indie jams, lo-fi electronica and LA-inspired pop beats, this album will surely resonate. The eleven tracks offer a little something different, but there is coherence throughout to give it a natural progression.

We especially love the down-tempo, piano-driven ‘Barely’ with its bluesy energy, whilst ‘Return Of The Empire’ offers a striking contrast with its uplifting dynamics. The band reveals the LP’s story, sharing:

“Chronology navigates its way through the past, present and future, both in soundscape and subject matter. Voyce Memos is harping on a major recurring theme throughout, the notion of “self-preservation,” not necessarily in a pure survival frame of mind, but in the sense of leaving a significant mark on history, how to do that, the struggles associated with it, and what it actually means from an ego perspective. From that, the band pushes forward into new territory, “setting its clocks for tomorrow,” as a song title leads on, and paves the way of becoming a “band of the future.”

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