PREMIERE: ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ Is Astræa’s Haunting Challenge To Her Inner Demons

The latest release from Astræa’s hotly anticipated EP is a challenge to herself and to those listening, to overcome those inner demons and create art in defiance, despite it all.

Something Divine: Astraea Releases The Music Video For ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’

It’s an absolute joy to catch an artist on their way up towards stardom. Astraea is one such artist – having already proven her worth as someone who can soundtrack truly heartstring-pulling moments (her music has been played during key moments in Love Island, for example), and collaborating with huge names in the industry such as Ward Thomas and Lewis Capaldi. 

Astraea Taps Into A History Of Female-Centred Musical Heritage With ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’

Astraea taps into a history of female-centred musical heritage with her latest release, ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’. With another creative and stunning vocal line, production and arrangement, and instrumentation, Astraea ensures that the women to whom she owes her career are honoured.

With ‘Tonight I Run’, Astraea Taps Into A Raw Feminine Power

It’s a solo offering from the woman responsible for some of the greatest hits in today’s musical landscape – those by acts such as Ward Thomas and Lewis Capaldi. But now stepping out from behind the producer’s desk, it’s clear that this release is something producer Astraea has been sitting on for some while now, and is read to unleash.

‘Tonight I Run’ Is The Brave Statement Of Intent From One Of The Biggest Names In The Business You Won’t Have Heard Of…Yet

You may not know her name (yet), but you will have heard her work before. Astræa, one of the industry’s go-to producers, has worked with everyone from Jack Savoretti to Ward Thomas.