Something Divine: Astraea Releases The Music Video For ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’

It’s an absolute joy to catch an artist on their way up towards stardom. Astraea is one such artist – having already proven her worth as someone who can soundtrack truly heartstring-pulling moments (her music has been played during key moments in Love Island, for example), and collaborating with huge names in the industry such as Ward Thomas and Lewis Capaldi. 

Now releasing music wholly on her own terms, Astraea is proving to be an absolute force to be reckoned with when it comes to imaginative, electronic pop and using her platform to convey important messages.

Latest release ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’ is a song written about the heartbreak which comes with being separated from your loved ones during lockdown. The production is suitably atmospheric and gauzy-sounding, like a swirling mist lingering over a forest floor. There is something natural about the sound she creates, whether it be her tapping into a feminine tradition of writing and producing all her own material (a la Tori Amos and Kate Bush) or the animated way in which she speaks about love. 

This song is something divine, a near-beatific outpouring of gratitude and love, and sees Astraea take one more step towards the stardom which is rightfully hers.

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