NEW HIT ALERT: Salt Ashes ‘Didn’t See It Coming’

For the year’s second release, London-based singer/songwriter Salt Ashes follows up ‘Body Says’ with her unusual take on a love song with her signature dark synth-pop melodies on ‘Didn’t See It Coming.’ 

The End Of A Relationship Is Not The End Of The World: How Nature Can Help Us Heal

I was talking with a friend the other day who’d been going through a hard time, following a breakup with his boyfriend. As you know, when I’m not on Essentially Pop, I am often to be found in my garden, so it’s not difficult to guess that when I gave him my advice on how to get through this pain, my mind turned to a garden analogy.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Jedward Offer Singagrams For The Special Day

In what is bound to be an extremely popular move, Jedward tonight have announced that they will be offering Valentine’s Singagrams, from their website. The Singagrams are available in limited quantities for a limited time, and will be €35.00 for 48 hours, before returning to their normal price of €45.00.

Something Divine: Astraea Releases The Music Video For ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’

It’s an absolute joy to catch an artist on their way up towards stardom. Astraea is one such artist – having already proven her worth as someone who can soundtrack truly heartstring-pulling moments (her music has been played during key moments in Love Island, for example), and collaborating with huge names in the industry such as Ward Thomas and Lewis Capaldi. 

Top 7 Most Romantic Songs About Love

There’s no love without music, and music thrives on composers who have been writing love songs to their loved ones for decades. Dim the light, light the candles – and who knows, maybe one of these tracks will help two hearts find each other.

The Best Movies To Watch With Your Love

Love can be so different. Honest, first, tender, sole, healing…Sometimes you may be alone but still would like to watch romantic films. However, you may not know which are the best for such a situation. Here is a list of the best romantic movies to watch gathered especially for you… Enjoy! Love and be loved!

Dan Says – Week Four

This week has been a fairly active one… it’s quite literally flown by! I recently got interviewed by ‘GuysLikeU’ and they did a piece on myself…life, love, career etc, which was quite nerve-wracking and exciting but it got some really sweet comments from friends and family…a lot of people were saying to me “I didn’t know that about you” but I feel that’s a common thread for me…I’m quite secretive with myself in some areas so it felt nice to open up a little bit…I would be lying if I said it wasn’t uncommon in the gay community to share penis pics and whilst I’ve never really sent them before, I have received a fair amount in my time and on Saturday morning; I felt bold as brass and took my first ever full length nude photo and sent it…I’m not Vanessa Hudgens, so if it were to “‘leak” it would have very little impact on myself but it was exhilarating and the guy I sent it to really enjoyed it…so that’s been a bit of a perk for my confidence.

James Smith Returns With New Single ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’

Following a string of releases and his debut EP ‘Little Love’ earlier this year, up and coming UK singer James Smith returns with ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’.

Independent Music Collective, Tentmakers Release New Single ‘Science Faith Emptiness’

Independent Music Collective, Tentmakers, make music that can best be described as “Alternative Christian”. The group, from the US, released their most recent single, ‘Science Faith Emptiness’, on November 16.

King Gheno – ‘Plan in Motion’

King Gheno is a man with a mission to use the power of music to build a culture of Peace, Love, and Light for all creation. Back in December he released a series of conscious singles, which are backed up by encouraging posts on his social media, particularly his Instagram account.

Freeman – ‘Good Times’

Based in West London, singer songwriter and abstract artist Freeman released his new single, ‘Good Times’ today. It’s out on Catapult Records, and is the follow up to his recent debut, ‘Lay On’.

My Name Is Bear: Nahko Talks To Us Ahead Of His New Album

Singer songwriter Nahko is best known as the frontman of the world music collective, Medicine For The People. He started playing piano at the age of 6, and his songwriting moved to a more grassroots style in about 2012, when he travelled around the US with his van and his dog. Nahko’s album, ‘My Name Is Bear’, is in essence a prequel to his work with Medicine For The People, with songs written primarily between the ages of 18 and 21 (with a few more recent than that).
Lisa caught up with Nahko while he was visiting London to promote his new album.