NEW HIT ALERT: Salt Ashes ‘Didn’t See It Coming’

For the year’s second release, London-based singer/songwriter Salt Ashes follows up ‘Body Says’ with her unusual take on a love song with her signature dark synth-pop melodies on ‘Didn’t See It Coming.’ 

Since her debut in 2016, Veiga Sanchez, mostly referred to as Salt Ashes, unleashed a glorious career, coining her signature sound while staying true to her own and receiving critical acclaim from the likes of The Guardian, DIY, Wonderland, Billboard, MTV, Clash, Line of Best Fit and NOISEY.

‘Didn’t See It Coming’ is an electrifying record, encapsulating Salt Ashes’  love-struck tale worth a pause in life and everything that comes to it. Salt Ashes elaborates:

“Didn’t See It Coming’ is my f*cked up version of a love song. It’s how an unexpected love managed to pull me away from a way of life I thought I wasn’t ready to leave until they slapped me in the face… metaphorically, of course.” 

With the success of her latest 2021 album ‘Killing My Mind’ reaching Top 5 position on the Music Week Pop Club Charts,’ Salt Ashes’ future seems to be brighter than ever. For any Salt Ashes live action, mark your calendars for the 20th of August for the Notting Hill Arts Club, where the songstress will perform her best of, including the new offering ‘Didn’t See It Coming.’ 

‘Didn’t See It Coming’ is out now.

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