King Gheno – ‘Plan in Motion’

King Gheno is a man with a mission to use the power of music to build a culture of Peace, Love, and Light for all creation. Back in December he released a series of conscious singles, which are backed up by encouraging posts on his social media, particularly his Instagram account.

Gheno, in speaking of the tracks, says,

“Brain train tracks are meditation tracks that are strategically crafted with affirmation to retrain the subconscious mind. The hypnotic hip-hop beats will help to put the listener in a receptive state that will then allow the listeners subconscious to receive the affirmation that are in the song.”

Based in Washington DC, King Gheno has had over 10 years experience in the music business, and first became interested in music in the fourth grade, where he played upright bass in the school orchestra. This grew into a passion which saw him attend Thomas G Pullen Performing Arts School, where in the 8th grade he auditioned for and was accepted by the Baltimore School of Arts, among thousands of applicants. Here he honed his skills, making him what he is today, a classically trained musician who produces, writes, and records all his own material. Gheno’s focus is on the Hip Hop community, where he noticed the most popular style is degrading and culture destroying; instead he’s chosen to create an uplifting style of music.

“The goal of King Gheno as an artist is to create a new style of music that is creative, innovating, and captures the hearts, minds, and souls of the listeners. Once we have the attention of the listener’s hearts, minds and souls we will then begin to speak words of wisdom, words of love, words of affirmation within our community. We will uplift the spirits of the listeners and help them to find the source of direction and peace within their lives. With this plan we will be able to change lives in this current generation and in generations to come.”

‘Plan In Motion’ has a very Eastern feel with Gheno chanting over the music. It’s a rhythmic, almost hypnotising track, with a strong bass beat and some simple keyboard notes behind it pulling it all together. Gheno’s flow is fast and furious but at the same time encouraging and positive, speaking of how he focuses on God, his wife and family. The track is uplifting and a fight back against other Hip Hop songs which objectify women, and promote violence.

You can find out more about King Gheno online from Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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