How To Be A Better Musician

Whether you simply enjoy music as a hobby or are considering making it your profession, the desire to become a better performer is always a priority for music lovers. However, as music is based on creativity, you may have hit a brick wall regarding the improvements that need to be made to take your talent to the next level. If one thing’s for sure, improving your musical ability doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a great deal of time and patience to meet your objectives. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some helpful tips on how you can become a better musician.

We Speak With Robert Grace Following The Release Of His New Single, ‘Self’

Irish singer songwriter and musician, Robert Grace, released his latest single, ‘Self’, on July 2. The track sees him duet with Norwegian artist, Emma Steinbakken. Lisa took the opportunity to ask Robert some questions about the new single, life, and lockdown.

Stephen Chopek Holds Out ‘Empty Hands’ With New Single Ahead Of Upcoming EP ‘Dweller’

Released July 9, ‘Empty Hands’ is the new single from Stephen Chopek. The track comes ahead of the August 6 release of his new EP, ‘Dweller’, on Declared Goods Records.

Saisha Rae Releases Latest Single, ‘You’re A COPYCAT’

Out today, ‘You’re A COPYCAT’ is the new single from Saisha Rae. The upbeat pop track is an ode to her haters and fake friends, and is a song that we can all relate to. It follows on from her debut single, ‘Nightmare’.

Queera Nightly – ‘The Girl Who Fell’

Satin-smooth voiced Queera Nightly, based in Oakland, California, was raised in a strict religious household, and consequently had a struggle to find herself while growing up. The artist is set to release her debut album, ‘The Girl Who Fell’, in the spring next year, and the title track is out today.

Sayed Sabrina – ‘Goodie Two Shoes’

Sayed Sabrina describes her music as “Real living breathing music” – and she knows what she’s talking about. ‘Goodie Two Shoes’ is the first single from her new album, ‘Thou Art That’.

Nicky Romero & Stadiumx – ‘Love You Forever’ (ft. Sam Martin)

Dutch DJ, record producer, musician, and remixer Nicky Romero is able to collaborate with anyone and make his presence felt, without overshadowing his fellow artist. His latest release, ‘Love You Forever’ is no exception to this, which also features Hungarian duo, Stadiumx, and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Sam Martin.

Kyd the Band & Elley Duhé Collaborate On ‘Easy’

Kyd The Band continues to build a reputation of delivering heartfelt lyrics and engaging production with the new single ‘Easy’, alongside Elley Duhé.

The Most Successful Moroccan Film Composer In Hollywood: Youssef (Joe) Guezoum Is Leaving His Mark On The World

Born in Morocco, and raised in Belgium, Youssef Guezoum is the most successful Moroccan film composer in Hollywood. We had the chance to talk…

Saxophonist Steve Wilson Confirms Concerts in DC and NYC, Collaborations With Billy Childs, Chick Corea, And Expansion Of Educational Efforts

Acclaimed jazz saxophonist Steve Wilson looks forward to an active Autumn and Winter, as he confirms headlining concerts at Blues Alley in Washington D.C. and at Jazz Standard in New York City, as well as collaborations with Billy Childs and Chick Corea, and an expansion of his ongoing educational efforts.

Sealskin – ‘Like Wind’

Sealskin is an electronic musician, singer, songwriter, and producer, based in Barcelona. Her latest single, ‘Like Wind’, is ethereal and the perfect track for this long hot summer.

Les Stroud – ‘How Long’

Les Stroud is probably best known to people from his hit TV show, ‘Survivorman’, which aired on Discovery Channel, and Science Channel. His love for the environment is never in doubt on his show, and he takes this commitment to his music as well, in his latest single, ‘How Long’. The song is accompanied by a video which, assisted by filmmaker, painter, and illustrator Matt Mahurin, sees Stroud issue a challenge to viewers to wake up and take action, before it’s too late.

Rick Trevino – ‘I Am A Mexican’

Rick Trevino first burst onto the music scene in 1993 with his debut single, ‘Just Enough Rope’, with versions in both Spanish and English. The Texas native has had an extensive career, where he’s showcased his Mexican heritage with his take on country music. He demonstrates this love in his latest single, ‘I Am A Mexican’, in order to shed a light on problems that Mexicans, both resident in and outside the US, face on a day to day basis.

Zucchero Speaks To EP During ‘Wanted’ World Tour Including Cornbury Festival Appearance

Steve Holley has been a fan of Adelmo Fornaciari Cavaliere di Gran Croce, aka Zucchero, for many years, and recently had the honour of speaking to him, in the midst of his ‘Wanted’ World tour, which commences June 30. Zucchero will also be performing at the Cornbury Festival, in Oxfordshire, on July 13.

Thorisson Releases Single – ‘New Dawn’

Described as “Avicii with a saxophone”, Thorisson is set to release his latest single, ‘New Dawn’ on May 18.

Herb Alpert – ‘What A Wonderful World’

There must be very few people who’ve not at least heard of Herb Alpert. The Grammy award winning trumpeter, singer, and songwriter has had a career of more than 60 years, and has reached the number one spot on the album charts no fewer than five times with his band, the Tijuana Brass. Love, joy and creativity have always been the primary motivators in Alpert’s life, and behind his work as one of the founders of A&M Records, and they’re also pivotal to his mission with the Herb Alpert Foundation.

Daniel Verstappen Releases New Single ‘On My Mind’ With Video

Belgian artist Daniel Verstappen’s new single, ‘On My Mind’ will be released on 18 May. Fans can have a sneak peek of the song, with the accompanying video out now.

Brandon Bonine – ‘Only With You’

Learning from jazz greats and inspired by his father’s record collection, Brandon Bonine starting writing his own songs at the age of 13, and has now developed a style of songs which are pulsing, melodic, and with an attention to reflective lyrics that are based on life experience. His track ‘Only With You’, was released on March 26, along with a bright and beautiful video.

Veluzz Unveils New Single, ‘Sleepaway’

Introducing ‘Sleepaway’, the debut release from Spanish producer Veluzz.

M3XX D4MIAN Release New Single ‘LET ME FALL’

‘Let Me Fall’ is the latest single from German producer Maxmillian Damian, who uses the performance name of M3XX D4MIAN. Featuring the vocals of Eden Knight, the track is a fusion of soulful lyrics and modern beats.

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