We Speak With Robert Grace Following The Release Of His New Single, ‘Self’

Irish singer songwriter and musician, Robert Grace, released his latest single, ‘Self’, on July 2. The track sees him duet with Norwegian artist, Emma Steinbakken. Lisa took the opportunity to ask Robert some questions about the new single, life, and lockdown.

EP: Hi Robert lovely to speak with you again! You did one of our Essential Sessions last year at the start of the pandemic. Since then things look a lot brighter, even though it’s not quite back to normal yet. What are you most looking forward to doing once everything is opened up again for real?

RG: Every artist will probably say this but I’m just really looking forward to some live shows!! I can’t wait to play in front of a crowd again.

EP: Your new single, ‘Self’, was released on July 2, and it features Norwegian singer Emma Steinbakken. How did that collab come about?

RG: My management originally had suggested Emma for the duet & after I heard her voice I was completely in agreement! We contacted her team to see if she was interested and after a couple of Zoom calls & dms everyone was on board & loved the idea!!

EP: ‘Self’ is really upbeat, we sort of expected it to be a laid back acoustic number, but it’s very poppy and upbeat – despite the somewhat darker topic. You’ve described it as being essentially about you – but I think it’s super relatable and pretty much everyone can find something to take from it for themselves. Was that your aim? I hear “self-camouflage” and I think of how I have a different face depending on the occasion and who I’m with; is that what you mean by that or is it something else?

RG: Yeah I definitely wanted it to be relatable even though it is a very personal track. I think everyone deals or has dealt with some form of mental health issue so that’s probably why the track hits a nerve with so many people.

EP: We got to see you perform on RTE’s Late Late Show back in March, in a show that was jam packed with other Irish artists, including Jedward, Inhaler, and Shane Filan. There’s a lot of incredible music coming out of Ireland – do you think the time has come for Irish artists to take over the world in force once again?

RG: 100% the talent in Ireland at the moment is insane. Next level stuff! You’ll be seeing a lot of Irish artists blowing up over the next year no doubt.

EP: What do you feel it is about TikTok that’s given you such a high standing on the platform? And what should other musical artists be doing on there to promote their music?

RG: I’ve just figured what works for me on TikTok and what my followers on there want to see. You just have to experiment for while until something clicks!

EP: Finally, what’s the biggest thing you have taken out of the Covid-19 Pandemic? What, if anything, have you learned to live without, and what changes will you take with you once the world is fully open again?

RG: I got to spend a lot more time with my family which wouldn’t have happened without the pandemic. Very thankful for that! I think I’ll just be a lot more cautious when things open back up while also appreciating what we all took for granted before COVID.

‘Self’ is out now. You can find out more about Robert Grace and his music and concerts online via his Linktree.

Watch the music video for ‘Self’ here.

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