How To Be A Better Musician

Whether you simply enjoy music as a hobby or are considering making it your profession, the desire to become a better performer is always a priority for music lovers. However, as music is based on creativity, you may have hit a brick wall regarding the improvements that need to be made to take your talent to the next level. If one thing’s for sure, improving your musical ability doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a great deal of time and patience to meet your objectives. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some helpful tips on how you can become a better musician:

1. Set small goals

One of the key ways of improving your talent is to set yourself small, achievable targets. Without a clear focus in mind, it’s almost impossible to know how to improve your skill. Instead of concentrating on the overall picture, consider how each small step you make will pave the way to reaching that final goal.

2. Write new music

Writing new songs is the perfect way to share raw human emotion, while allowing you to explore your creativity.  However, after several attempts to construct new pieces, you may be lacking motivation, which is holding you back from further delving into your artistic side.

Many play on their past experiences as a form of inspiration for new songs, however, it may be a case of taking a notebook and pen while travelling to generate new ideas. Another option would be to hold a group session with other musicians to bounce ideas off one another and use that team effort to create innovative melodies and lyrics that may never have crossed your mind.

3. Play a secondary instrument

If you have mastered playing a certain instrument, why not try your hand at learning another? Not only will you expand your musical style, but you’ll further develop your technical skill. While it’s easier to learn a new instrument within the same family as your current one due to the crossover of techniques, why not expand your horizons by learning to play an entirely different instrument? If for example, you’re a drum player with a focus on rock music, why not switch it up by learning the saxophone? This instrument will open up new doors by allowing you to branch out into playing in jazz bands and orchestras. However, whenever you start playing a new instrument, it’s always worth being aware of certain issues which may arise, such as why does my saxophone squeak?

4. Find a teacher

If you’re looking to further develop your technical abilities as a musician, finding a teacher would certainly be advantageous if you’re keen to become a professional in the industry. While many of the best musicians are self-taught, it can often take a great deal of time and effort to master certain skills. Teachers with years of experience under their belt will help polish up your existing skills and learn new techniques that can expand your musical ability.

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