The Best Movies To Watch With Your Love

Love can be so different. Honest, first, tender, sole, healing…Sometimes you may be alone but still would like to watch romantic films. However, you may not know which are the best for such a situation. Here is a list of the best romantic movies to watch gathered especially for you… Enjoy! Love and be loved!

1. One Day

The first in our list of the best love movies to watch is ‘One Day’. Here comes a story of two students, Emma and Dexter, having spent together their graduation day and night who agreed to remain friends still. After all, they are so different: she wants to become a famous writer, buy an apartment, and he seeks fame, money and pleasure. And all they have is one day in a year when they meet. After going through pain, frustration, ups and downs, they finally understand that there is no friendship, there is true love.

2. About Time

A fantastic plot and time travel. The core focus of this film is on the soul and family. And love here appears to be so different connected to a beautiful woman, to the firstborn child and to the always-understanding father.

3. The Fault In Our Stars

The best romantic movie for couples shows the love that is truly overwhelming. The love of two teenagers who feel that no one but them can understand what they have to go through as the girl is seriously ill.

4. Romantics Anonymous

For both main characters, chocolate manufacturer Angelica and chocolate owner Jean-Rene, every day means overcoming the constant fear of others. He may be paralyzed by his own phone call, and she panics or faints when someone praises her. And how can they express their feelings if they cannot even speak to each other?

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5. Mr Morgan’s Last Love

In the centre of the plot, there is a respectable American professor, Matthew Morgan, who, after the death of his beloved wife, lives without receiving any pleasure from life. However, one meeting with the charming Parisian, Pauline, made him alive. This movie tells about difficult family relationships, about love and a huge desire to find a friend among thousands of other people completely indifferent to you.

6. Titanic

Even a single reminder of this movie is enough to make one’s body coved with goosebumps. This is not just the story of the wreck of an unsinkable ship (as many thought); it is a narrative about the first love of the two who became victims of a terrible catastrophe. The movie is divided into two parts: before the Titanic catastrophe and after.

7. P.S I Love You

‘P.S. I Love You’ is not another tear jerker. This is a kind film that speaks to the viewer in a language that he/she understands but on topics that we can only perceive with our hearts. We see how fragile everything is and that any person can lose a lot unexpectedly. The point is – we need to cherish what we have.

8.The Lake House

A film about the love of two people who are separated and are far away from each other. But it is calculated not by kilometres, not by cities, but by time. The original story is filmed simply, but beautifully, and the excellent music is so subtly intertwined with the image. Therefore, the film ‘The Lake House’ turned out very gentle, romantic, sensual and catchy.

To sum up, the films about love collected in this post have definitely won the appreciation among the audience. Watch them with your partner or alone to refresh your feelings and to understand once again how much it must be appreciated as well as cherished.

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