The Best Foreign-Language Films

Perhaps, all of us love those lazy days when we just lie in our beds, eat snacks, and watch movies or TV shows. And while some would agree that this kind of leisure is not very productive, to say the least, it can benefit you if you approach it appropriately. You can learn a lot from movies, and not only from the philosophical standpoint. By watching great classic films in foreign languages, you can seriously develop your language skills without even noticing it.

Top 5 Iconic Gambling Quotes from Movies

Stars of the silver screen often deliver inspirational quotes and I’m sure we all have our favourite, from “I’ll never let go Jack’ in Titanic to “Here’s looking at you kid” in Casablanca, and while there may be millions of different genres and quotes to choose from, the most iconic are gambling related even if you don’t know it – James Bond springs to mind! Even Paul Newman, said “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned” and it’s this very sentence that sums up the world of gambling.

The 9 Most Influential Movies That Will Make You Think More About Your Health

Our health is the most precious thing that we have and we have to take care of it to live long and healthy. Sometimes, we just fall for temptations and start a life with bad habits – from smoking, do drinking alcohol and drug abuse, to eating enormous amounts of pizza and drinking carbonated drinks. The movie industry is known to be highly influential. Therefore, movies about health that offer education on how to live healthier are worthy of our time. We present to you the most influential movies that will make you think twice about your bad habits that could cost you a life.

How Comic Book Films Have Changed Movie Music And Launched Careers

For the last decade, comic book adaptations have been gracing our screens large and small, changing the film industry and launching the careers of some of the most famous film stars of this generation. It isn’t just film stars getting their big break in comic book movies, however; musicians have been launched into the mainstream by both Marvel and DC, both of whom seem to be holding the torch for a more progressive entertainment industry.