Top 7 Most Romantic Songs About Love

There’s no love without music, and music thrives on composers who have been writing love songs to their loved ones for decades. Dim the lights, light the candles – and who knows, maybe one of these tracks will help two hearts find each other.

Barry White – ‘Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up’

The sultry music of Barry White may come in handy for the mature phase of a love relationship. ‘Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up’ illustrates the musician’s signature approach at its best: hypnotic rhythm, croaking guitar, rich string section, Barry White bass-baritone, and incredible sexual energy as the main ingredient. This song accompanies many love scenes in the movies, so be careful: if ‘Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up’ suddenly sounds on a date, the consequences can be unpredictable.

Chris De Burgh – ‘Lady In Red’

It’s the greatest love ballad of the 80s. British singer Chris De Burgh dedicated ‘Lady In Red’ inspired by the meeting with his future wife Diane. In one of the interviews, the distinguished romantic complained that not all men can remember what was the prettiest about their loved ones at the time of the first meeting, but in 1986 the whole world learned that Chris De Burg was struck at the first date by a lady dressed in red. A wonderful ballad conquered the charts all over the world and became famous in the USSR, having firmly registered in the repertoire of Russian disc jockeys.

Shakira – ‘Hay amores’

In our world of Tinder, overweight dating tips, and open relationships, hearing a song like this is a rarity. Colombian singer Shakira is known for her provocative songs. But this track is the embodiment of pure love, faithful, selfless, and eternal. And even if we don’t understand the meaning of the lyrics, we can feel it.

Celine Dion – ‘My Heart Will Go On’

James Cameron’s ambitious film ‘Titanic’ was a huge success, and the same fate awaited the title song – the touching ballad, ‘My Heart Will Go On’, performed by Canadian talent Celine Dion. The single with the song turned out to be a massive hit, led the charts in many countries, and became one of the most popular love songs in history. But few people know that, during the recording, Celine wasn’t interested in creating a masterpiece, and the song that was included in the film was actually a rough demo. The singer even admitted that on the day of recording, she wasn’t in the best vocal form.

The Carpenters – ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’

This wonderful song came out of the creative laboratory of composer Burt Bacharach and author of the lyrics, Hal David, who wrote more than a dozen songs that became classics of pop music of the 60s. In 1963, the song was released on Richard Chamberlain’s single, a year later appeared on the album of soul singer Dionne Warwick, but her time only came in 1970, when the family duet The Carpenters recorded their own version of ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’. The song lasted for four weeks at the top of the charts.

Bee Gees – ‘How Deep Is Your Love’

The most sensual ballad of the disco era, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, was originally intended for the singer Yvonne Elliman, but in the end, she was registered in the repertoire of her authors – masters of polyphony, Bee Gees. The luxurious song, consisting of the magical sounds of an electric piano, neat violins, and vocal harmonies of the Gibb brothers, fit perfectly into the soundtrack of the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and became a world bestseller when it was released as a single. Bee Gees could only wander how such a sweet love elegy made during the era of punk domination and the “new wave” could become so popular.

James Blunt – ‘You’re Beautiful’

Who hasn’t heard James Blunt’s touching romantic song, ‘You’re Beautiful’? Some say that Blunt dedicated this song to his ex-girlfriend, Dixie, although Blunt himself refuses to confirm or deny such rumours. And although the song received many awards, including three Grammys, the singer himself considers it one of his worst songs and, strangely enough, even admits that he hates it.

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