PREMIERE: ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ Is Astræa’s Haunting Challenge To Her Inner Demons

The latest release from Astræa’s hotly anticipated EP is a challenge to herself and to those listening, to overcome those inner demons and create art in defiance, despite it all.

Born from a comment made by Astræa’s voice teacher at university, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is a haunting piano ballad with sparse electronics and soaring, ethereal vocals. It delicately illustrates Astræa’s own personal battles with anxiety and imposter syndrome whilst managing to speak on an entirely universal level, aiming to help others who are struggling to feel less alone.

The track is another example of Astræa’s skill as a producer (her day job – collaborations with Ward Thomas and Hannah Grace under her belt), blending atmospheric and expansive synths with an intimate and affecting vocal and piano accompaniment. 

You can definitely hear the influence of Astræa’s idol, Kate Bush, here – in the gossamer-tinged vocals, carried into the effortless upper register of Astræa’s range by the strings, piano and synths in the heart-wrenching final chorus. 

Astræa has said frequently that she uses music as a form of therapy in order to work through her struggles with anxiety and imposter syndrome, and it’s clear that a track such as ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is a cathartic experience for her, and a reassuring listen to remind fans that they are not alone.

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