Astraea Taps Into A History Of Female-Centred Musical Heritage With ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’

Astraea taps into a history of female-centred musical heritage with her latest release, ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’. With another creative and stunning vocal line, production and arrangement, and instrumentation, Astraea ensures that the women to whom she owes her career are honoured.

The classical training of Tori Amos has always been something which Astraea has looked towards in honing her unique, alt-pop sound. A pianist herself from a young age, Astraea’s songs sound at home whether they are being performed stripped-back (such as Talentbanq’s Pride celebration which saw her alone at her piano in her living room) or in it’s fully realised glory on record.

Melding analogue and electronic sounds is something the renowned producer does with ease on her own songs – ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’ is the perfect example of this, as her instrument of choice, the piano, is joined with synthesisers to create an atmospheric and ethereal sound, perfectly complementing the Kate Bush-like (another strong influence of Astraea’s) vocal line, which soars into the falsetto range during the chorus.

The second song leading towards Astraea’s upcoming EP release in September, ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’ is the perfect, intriguing introduction to an artist who is well on her way to adding her own name to that list of female artists who have put their stamp on music history. 

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