Hidden Beams – ‘Hidden’  

Carlos Argon, performing as Hidden Beams, uses his project as a creative outlet by which to tap into the lives of others. Having recorded and performed all over the world, as well as released many albums, Argon uses found sounds, improvisations, and self-composed segments, in order to create his often avant-garde pop rock songs. His most recent release, ‘Hidden’, is his latest offering, serving as, like the name Hidden Beams itself, a metaphor to describe those hidden forces at play in our lives, which pull and push us, forging them into shape.

Sonically Argon could be said to be continuing the legacy of the likes of Syd Barrett, Bowie, and The Cure, with ‘Hidden’ giving an incredibly, and intensely, personal view on one man’s struggle to resist the attractiveness of isolation, with all its darkness and silence. In these times of Covid-19, isolation is a very real thing for all of us, and we therefore have a personal understanding of the compelling nature of this feeling. Thankfully, Argon has come to realise that music provides for him a means by which to connect to other humans, and ‘Hidden’, co-produced with Eli Crews, who’s worked on tracks for Sean Lennon, among others – serves as a catharsis for him to step out of his comfort zone. Pulling inspiration from both 1980s darkwave, along with orchestral pop, with all its grandeur, ‘Hidden’ implores the listener to follow in Argon’s footsteps, and likewise step out of the realm of the comfort zone.

The music video for ‘Hidden’, seen below, is based loosely on Argon’s own life growing up with an abusive stepfather, in a small, and racist town in Texas. Animated techniques are used, reminiscent of those used for Disney’s classic, ‘Peter And The Wolf’, or more contemporary works such as ‘Coraline’. There’s an uneasiness in director Martyna Koleniec’s clip, which she’s created using stop-motion film courtesy of cinematographer Ondřej Nedvěd. Flashbacks to traumatic memories are pen drawn and use greyscale watercolours, ensuring the protagonist has a powerful backstory.

You can find out more about Hidden Beams online on his official website.

Hidden Beams - Hidden (Official Video)

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