The Turnback Provide Brilliant Closing Credits Track With ‘You Kill Me’

The Turnback are one of those bands who have what it takes to last the distance. They’ve been putting in the miles for a few decades now, building up a solid fanbase, while rewarding the loyal with three solid albums of superb pop/rock goodness.

The New York trio have a reputation for making music for the sake of making music, and that’s what their supporters love about them. They’ve also financed, directed, and scored an award-winning indie film, and on top of that, their latest move is, rather than release full albums, now they’re putting out singles, giving their fans a more instant hit than having to wait a year or so between records. ‘You Kill Me’ is the second instalment in this series of singles.

 The Turnback comprises Todd Giglio, Kenny Sherman, and Barry Nagel, and the three were asked by another friend to write a track which would act as the closing credits song for a book he’d had a hand in, ‘Murder In Montague Falls’, a collection of Noir-ish novellas. ‘You Kill Me’ is hook after hook, with stunning harmonies and a memorable chorus, alongside layered melodies and warm, fuzz guitar. ‘You Kill Me’ could be placed in any decade from the 60s right through to the 80s, and the clip goes along with that as well, being made in classic black and white animation. There’s a vibe to it that reminds us of the old Beatles cartoons, crossed maybe with The Addams Family, Scooby Doo, heck, even Daria. Our heroes head out to a show in the novel’s fictional town of Montague Falls. Things seem to be going fine, but of course, as in all scary movies, things are not as they seem. A masked figure slashes the tyres on their van, and the guys have to stay at a spooky hotel – of course! This results in a classic corridor chase scene, ending with not one, but two chilling twists. The perfect lead up to Halloween!

Find out more about The Turnback from their official website.

The Turnback - "You Kill Me" (Official Music Video)

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